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The Art of the Summer Soiree

By Beverly Hills Chef Elana Horwich

There’s no better way to enjoy summer than share laughter, cocktails and delicious food with family and friends. Born and raised in Beverly Hills, I grew up with a mom who loved to throw beautiful parties with gorgeous spreads, which she always catered. But after living in Italy for five years, I’ve come to understand there is a secret to cooking and entertaining that cannot be procured from a company or restaurant. The food must be filled with love… that means homemade!

I’ve thrown plenty of parties where I can’t leave the kitchen — it’s nonstop with little interaction with my guests. This is something I don’t advocate! Entertaining is an art form finding a balance be- tween great food, and having fun. I have an arsenal of low maintenance, healthy, and delicious dishes I teach in my Beverly Hills cooking classes. These recipes can be prepared ahead of time, allowing you to enjoy your party, as you deserve to! After mastering the art of preparing recipes ahead of time, entertaining any time of year will be a breeze!