10 Secrets of Home Cooks (And How You Can Become One, Too!)



If those muffins you sent in for the bake sale were from the grocery store, don’t worry—your secret is safe with us. Everyone has taken that shortcut. But when it comes to a home-cooked meal, it’s hard to replicate it with take-out—even science has shown that parents who cook at home tend to have children who make healthier choices.

“You cannot get a healthy meal unless you cook it for yourself. It’s fresh; you’ve chosen the ingredients,” says Elana Horwich, cooking instructor and founder of Meal and a Spiel. “If you want to eat what you like, you have to make it.”

It’s easier said than done, and when you’ve had a long day, or your family members are on opposite schedules, cooking can seem even more daunting. But it turns out that becoming a pro in the kitchen isn’t as hard as you think. Here, we debunk the myths and offer some key tips and shortcuts that will help you embrace all your kitchen has to offer.