Nori Crunch Salad with Avocado



Nori is the seaweed that is used in sushi. It is mild in flavor and rich in nutrients. In fact, Koki, my Japanese hair stylist, claims that the reason Japanese women have such good hair is because of all the sea vegetables in their diet.  It can be bought at Whole Foods or any health food store. I tend to put three sheets of it in per person, but to be honest there never seems to be enough. I always wish I had put in more. The dressing is the divine touch on this salad. The measurements below are meant to be guidelines, not rules. Just add each ingredient until there is the perfect harmony of sweet, salty and tangy. The coconut aminos (found at Whole Foods, health food stores or Amazon) is the subtle secret weapon.

I often bring a large bowl of this salad to potlucks, one: because I know everyone will love it, and two: because I’m guaranteed to have something healthy to eat that I like and thus avoid the post-potluck comatose.

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