Mulled Spiced Pears



Making desserts has gotten a bad rap. We are convinced it will be a lengthy process that requires flour getting all over the kitchen and some type of custard that requires needle-point precision. But who’s caring about that when desserts scream out the “f-word” -fattening- so loud we’re too scared to admit we even want some.

Let me set you straight with a piece of truth that has consistently prevailed throughout my diverse anthropological studies of cultures from the ancient Aztecs and Sumerians to the modern Jewish housewives of Beverly Hills: HUMANS WANT DESSERT.

So stop pretending and let yourself have what you want.

Sweets don’t have to make a mess, be made only by the annoyingly retentive or be fattening. So often people make dinner but buy dessert. These mulled spiced pears are yummy in a way that a dessert bought at a patisserie never could be. And as for a store-bought dessert that will not “F-Word” you up, forgettaboutit. You’re gonna have to make it yourself.

Go ahead, it’s so easy.

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