Contrary to popular belief, lemons are actually alkaline, helping to restore your body’s balance to lower levels of acidity. (It is believed in the alternative health world, and now even in some of the western medical world, that disease cannot live in alkaline environments.) But not only! Lemons are replete with other positive benefits for our bodies too. These delicious fruits add so much to many of our recipes. Lemons:

  • are the great liver detoxifiers and tonifiers- keep in mind when drinking alcohol or nursing a hangover.
  • help to digest fat and protein, thanks to the aforementioned positive effects on the liver. (hence, squeezing lemon on fish and meat makes sense for your palate and your belly.)
  • should be your first “go-to” remedy for a cold or flu since they are antimicrobial and, unlike other citrus fruits, are “anti-mucus.”
  • alleviate flatulence and indigestion.
  • promote weight-loss.


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