Elana’s Famous Guiltless Cobbler



This is my go to dessert. It has become famous amongst my circle of friends, my students and their circles of friends. We love it because it is so easy to make, it is healthy, it’s not too sweet or filling, and makes a perfect end to a dinner party or potluck.

Put it in the oven during appetizers or the first course and by the time you’re done with dinner and have had a moment to digest with a little conversation – dessert is ready! Bring it uncooked to your friends homes and stick in their oven when you get there. Everyone will be thrilled.

As far as guiltless, I am referring to…

one: There is no sugar added to the fruit and I only use 1 squeeze of agave for the whole cobbler, which serves sometimes 10-15 people. (Check out other cobbler recipes and you will see CUPS of sugar.)

two: There is no white flour, which is a rampantly overused product that has no nutritional value and just sticks to your insides for life until you are fat, tired and old.

three: The dough topping is made of oats and oat bran which are high in fiber and almond meal which is high in protein.

four: Yes, there is butter but I encourage you to read more about butter. It has numerous health benefits. If you fry food in butter and cook everything always in butter, well it’s probably not good for you unless of course you’re French. Otherwise using butter in a healthy dessert  or putting some on a freshly baked sweet potato might actually do you some good. At least that’s my spiel: I believe in butter. If however you still don’t, feel free to substitute this recipe with extra virgin coconut oil.

That said, no matter the goodness of the ingredients, if you eat the whole thing in one sitting and find your muffin top a little swollen, well my folks, don’t come chasing me for a lawsuit.

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