How to Make Kosher Pigs in a Blanket

The most delicious crowd pleaser! These are better and way less expensive when made at home.


How To Eat Pasta Like An Italian- World Cup 2014

I was inspired by the World Cup. Here is a video on how to twirl your pasta like an Italian and not make a mess!


When a Gourmet Cleanses: Day One

Why even do a cleanse, especially when you love food?


Cooking Tips | How To Open and Use Garlic

A one minute spiel on garlic that will change your life.


How to Use Your Food Processor

Let me teach you how to NOT be scared of your food processor.


Spiels from the Sheets

What are "Courses in Cooking for SMART Girls"? Let me explain who that includes and why.


Why Non-Jews Should Celebrate Thanksgivukkah

Taking you to the inside of Thanksgivukkah and telling you what you probably don't know.


Noshing at Nate ’N Al’s Deli in Beverly Hills

Eating at the oldest, most famous Jewish deli in Beverly Hills


Soup and a Spiel

A peak at Sunday Soup class with Lynn Chen of The Actors Diet


Skinny Margarita

a.k.a. The Stardust Margarita. What I learned in my days as a bartender.


How To Make the Healthiest Cocktail

How to make a cocktail that tastes amazing minus the sugar and the hangover.


Healthy Coconut Dessert | Skinny Sundae with Unsweetened Chocolate and Sunflower Butter

These ingredients can be kept in your home without risk of devouring them all in one sitting, but together...YUM


How to Start a Cooking School by Meal and a Spiel

How Elana became a no-fuss cooking teacher by sharing the experience of making good food.


Cooking Tips | How To Use and Choose Salt

The value of salt - really! - and how to cook with it.


Parmesan vs. Parmigiano: Whats the Difference?

Ditch that parmesan! The RIGHT cheese is sure to take your food over the edge!


How To Make Perfect Al Dente Pasta: Easy Step By Step

Elana takes you through the steps for cooking a perfect al dente pasta.


How To Learn to Cook | The Ingredient that Every Italian Knows

In Italy, Elana learned that the secret ingredient in food is LOVE.


How To Choose an Olive Oil

How to choose a good quality extra virgin olive oil for cooking good healthy food.


Choosing Pots and Pans | What All Home Cooks Need

Want to know the best pans you should have at home? Elana breaks it down.


Good Day L.A. : Valentines Tuscan Dinner

Elana's first televsion appearance ever on Fox Good Day LA. Talking a Tuscan pop-up dinner with Gilt City LA.


Cooking Tips | Using Canned Tomatoes: Choosing The Best

Not all canned tomatoes are the same, and knowing how to choose them is key to good cooking.


How to Make “Oldschool” Stovetop Popcorn

Thought popcorn was grown in microwaveable bags?


How To Impress Women in the Kitchen | Five Easy Rules

5 easy steps to turn a girl into putty right in your kitchen

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